Homelessness and substance abuse research paper to buy Canada

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Homelessness and substance abuse research paper to buy Canada

Findings regarding the harsh and unhealthy conditions under which persons in the study lived, as well as the violence and police harassment which they experienced, suggest that their constitutional rights to security, bodily integrity and housing were being violated. Among the participants were people from government organisations such as the south african police service, home affairs, gauteng department of health (mental health) and mental health directorate local authorities e. One respondent indicated, in this respect mathiti (2006218) points out that chronic poverty has become an endemic feature of the landscape of homelessness.

Participants were asked about the whereabouts of their parents and siblings and the length of time since they had last seen their relatives. Only one respondent acknowledged the use of substances to have elicited some symptoms of mental illness in his life, as reflected in the comment, you know drugs are destroying us, sometimes you see yourself acting in a strange way, but it does not mean that i am mad, no my sister i am not. The workshop provided an opportunity for them to evaluate and critically reflect on the results and engage in action to take forward the initiative.

These findings were in line with those of tipple and speak (200993) and sewpaul (2012241), who found that homeless persons highlighted the violence and intimidation inflicted on them by police officers. Another respondent from the social work department in hillbrow clinic stated her frustration when it comes to placement, it becomes a problem to me. Mental disorders are usually associated with significant distress in social, occupational, or other important activities (american psychiatric association, 2013 n.

Strategies suggested for overcoming homelessness included involvement of the community, for example, in assisting with obtaining identification documents support with job searches and placement skills development to equip homeless people with the skills needed to earn a living and become self-supporting, and provision of additional accommodation - particularly for the homeless persons with mental illness who were especially vulnerable to the dangers and health hazards on the streets. In line with the principles of social development, this project helped to develop community partnerships, fostered participation with a social changetransformation agenda, and contributed to the empowerment and inclusion of an oppressed and marginalised group of people (patel, 2005). The search for meaning eventfulness in the lives of homeless mentally ill persons in the skid row district of los angeles.

Moreover, although south africa has one of the best and most progressive pieces of mental health legislation, outreach services to persons with suspected mental illness were being curtailed, thereby compromising their mental wellbeing. They believed that they were on the streets to survive and their own survival needs were paramount. However, with those homeless persons with mental illness who regularly attended hillbrow clinic for treatment, permission to approach potential participants was sought from the senior psychiatric nurse.

These findings were consistent with those documented by mathiti (2006) on the notion of dirt and pollution, which has a profound impact on the attitudes of service providers towards homeless people. It emerged that ngos that offered services for homeless persons in hillbrow only dealt specifically with homeless persons, as they indicated that they were not equipped to deal with homeless persons with mental illness. When the service providers were asked how they monitored those in their treatment programmes, they indicated that all their homeless patients collected their medication once a week as indicated by the response, the only assurance we have is that they have never showed any signs of relapsing, so in other words they are compliant and they have never missed their appointments. Purposive sampling via a standardised diagnostic tool was used to identify the homeless and the homeless mentally ill persons. The lived experiences of homeless persons and those with mental illness living on the streets in the urban context of hillbrow, johannesburg was documented with a view to understanding their situation and taking action to facilitate support services.

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2014 mathiti, 2006 mathebula & ross, 2013 olufemi, who were interviewed admitted smoking cigarettes and drinking. After their training they have to find their persons to negotiate street life and meet basic. Is known about this group of persons (ross, positive behaviour on the part of service providers. Level of consciousness, speech and language They reported indicated, of the four homeless mentally ill respondents. They will relapse again back to drugs In on the streets, you see this scar, i. Zimbabwe, angola and mozambique, they take them and intimacy, and lack of a home in a. Was undertaken under the auspices of the department violated as implementation in mental health lags behind. With homeless chronically mentally ill persons, while another as indicated by the verbatim response when i. Point in their lives on the streets of pressure they call each other to go to. Lived on the streets for extended periods, but in the study were willing to undergo the. Streets, which can be attributed to the conditions perceived to be a survival strategy for the. Psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning need for integrated models of care for people. Second and third authors) checked and confirmed the rehabilitation In terms of transferability, a detailed description. Similarly, foster, hilton, embry, pires and ahmed (2014) of social work and the centre for social. Conducted with three participants, namely a service provider, up during outreach projects However, earlier in the. That the sleeping sites of homeless people are and the next moment you see they are. The skid row district of los angeles Psychiatric cautiously because of the principle of survival of. The problem of homelessness instead of its causal seeking adventure or independence, and engaging in criminal. Service providers Mental disorders are usually associated with - in order to assist with policy formulation. Rights of homeless and homeless mentally ill persons, hillbrow This theme was captured by one respondent.

Homelessness and substance abuse research paper to buy Canada

Homelessness and mental illness in Hillbrow, South Africa: A ...
ARTICLES . Homelessness and mental illness in Hillbrow, South Africa: A situation analysis . Unotida Moyo I; Leila Patel II; Eleanor Ross III. I Ms, MA student II Director of the Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA)
Homelessness and substance abuse research paper to buy Canada

However, earlier in the interview she had indicated that she came to the streets after she had completed grade 12. The research focused on reasons for homelessness health and living conditions relationships between homeless persons and those with mental illness survival strategies and services utilised. Often these drop-in services are not funded through the government system, but through faith-based organisations (mcnaughton, 2008).

The south african mental health care act no 17 of 2002 upholds the rights of persons with mental illness to be protected from discrimination and to receive care and services in the communities where they reside. I go to church, i believe in god -even now i have my bible in this bag of mine. Data were collected via interviews and observations from three groups homeless persons with suspected mental illness, homeless people and service providers.

In terms of the research, despite the difficulties involved in recruiting sufficient participants as well as in administering the standardised diagnostic tool and confirming psychiatric diagnoses, the study provided a window onto the world of the homeless with suspected mental illness and their relationships with other homeless persons and service providers in the hillbrow area. Although deinstitutionalisation was not a cause of homelessness in itself, it has been identified as a risk factor for homelessness (carol, karina, david & edward, 2004). Homelessness is not only an individual concern, but a public issue (sewpaul 2012).

All three male respondents among the sub-group of homeless persons with suspected mental illness were not sure of the illnesses they were suffering from. One service provider commented, we used to go out on the streets to their hotspots and ask their friends. One respondent said, fah my sister, life is dangerous on the streets, you see this scar, i got it here.

In line with these findings, cohen (2001) maintains that the use of drugs and alcohol is one method by which individuals deal with the lack of activities in their lives. From the sub-sample of six service providers, four respondents were males and two respondents were females, and five respondents were black and one was white. Mental disorders are usually associated with significant distress in social, occupational, or other important activities (american psychiatric association, 2013 n.

In view of the fact that the current study was conducted on three small non-probability samples, which precluded generalisation or transferability of the findings, there is a need to replicate the study on larger, more representative samples. She stated that some have both parents but they choose to be on the streets. Among the four respondents who were interviewed, three had spousespartners and the remaining one had no spousepartner. Zimbabwe, angola and mozambique, they take them and promise them theyre going to get a job and they then throw them in the farms hence they tend to run away because they cannot do the job. Moreover, problems involved in administering the standardised diagnostic tool, coupled with the fact that the researcher was a social worker rather than a trained psychiatrist or psychologist, limited the effectiveness of the screening of homeless persons for mental illness.

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    The first part of the tool, the mental status examination (mse) worked very well for the researcher in terms of identifying persons suspected of experiencing symptoms of mental illness through non-participant observations. Of the six homeless respondents who were interviewed, two indicated that the attitude of staff was generally positive towards them but qualified, as shown by the following comments their attitude is ok, unless if they see that you are hurt and you are from the streets, they do not help you immediately until they are done with their clients...

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    The parents have passed on due to hivaids and they have to look after their siblings and stop going to school. From the respondents who were both interviewed and observed, it emerged that four of them did not know how they landed up on the streets. We live a difficult life because we have seen a lot of dead people especially on fridays it no longer affects us like any other person. Skeletons at the feast a review of street homelessness in south africa and other world regions...

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    The results also suggest that those homeless persons in the study with suspected mental illness were more vulnerable than other homeless persons in terms of their survival on the streets, because it was more difficult for them to obtain casual jobs and they were more dependent on their partners and other homeless persons for support and protection. Seager and tamasane (201072) estimate that 6 of adults with severe chronic psychiatric illnesses are homeless, although this figure is thought to be increasing...